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    Zhejiang LEECNN Pipeline Machinery Co.,LtdIs specialized in the fluid filtration system, petrochemical machinery, tank accessories, universal valve R & D, manufacturing, marketing services, import and export trade as one of the industrial companies.

      Located in the birthplace of the beautiful private economy - Wenzhou, the highest in the Yangtze River Delta Economic Development Zone Economic Development Zone and between Hercynian, traffic is very convenient. Company based on "sound who travel" concept, in fluid filtration, transport, measurement and control areas and universities, Research and Design Institute, the industry, engineering firms, systems integrators for a wide range of technology exchange, product development and applying cooperative.

       Successful development of automatic self-cleaning filtration system, automatic backwashing filter system, cool down filtration system, multi-cartridge filter system switch, composite breathing valve, exhaust valve cylinder-type products, the concept of "quality, value, safety and environmental protection "feature. The quality has met or exceeded the standard of similar products and very competitive and cost-effective.

      The company will build advanced fluid simulation laboratory, capable of fluid parameters such as pressure and flow, filtration precision and viscosity data, simulation tests, the accumulation of fluid in the field of professional application of industrial experience better for customers with excellent quality, innovative products, sincere service. Continue to meet and exceed growing customer demand, "LEECNN" brand to become a leader in the field of fluid machinery pipe.



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