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First, quality assurance measures:


<1>. The main casting material, physical and chemical indicators have reached the national standard of GB regulations.

<2>. Valve manufacturing, assembly, inspection and testing strictly in accordance with state and industry GB JB, ZB, HG, SH, YB, SD standard.

<3>. Product design and development, production, installation services in accordance with ISO9001 quality assurance system to control standards.
<4>. All products are accompanied by instructions and product certificates.

<5>. Product cleanliness and determination methods and delivery requirements completely by JB/7748-95 and JB/T7928-99 standard.

<6>. For the user, provide technical advice and various physical and chemical testing. Service products, such as care of and cotton satin, force create confident, delicate, and technology services and product innovation are equally important. Leading products, services will meet the leader, the real creators of the leading edge. Purchase, installation, maintenance, product consultation, complaint handling, you need a phone call. Today, you create the products purchased power; in this life, you are the creative force of the guests! At present, the force record established in the national distribution network, service network throughout the country.

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